A Dozen Murals to see in Hot Springs

April 6, 2020 by David
Mural of Garvan Gardens
Murals Around Hot Springs Arkanasas

Hot Springs’ art community is multi-faceted – from painters, potters and photographers to sculptors, woodworkers, filmmakers, and fiber artists. What better way to showcase our art scene than with big beautiful murals ordaining the walls of our historic town? Baseball players pitching as they did right in Whittington Park, bright detailed flowers you can almost smell and children painted playing brass instruments so vibrantly you can almost hear them. Our history has shaped our town and our murals tell that story. They also make for pretty great photo ops! Check out our list of murals you must see in Hot Springs – then come see them for yourself!

Title: Promise of Peace  Artist: Rayshaun McNary  Location: 127 Pleasant Street, Webb Community Center.

Title: How We Play at C4K Artist: Pepe Gaka Location: 247 Silver Street, side of Cutwell 4 Kids building.

Title: Signature  Artist: Years  Location: Bailey Place, across from Red Light Roastery on Park Avenue.

Title: Black Broadway  Artist: Pepe Gaka, Anthony Tidwell & Cutwell 4 Kids  Location: 350 Malvern Avenue, Habitat for Humanity.

Title: #LoveLaurays  Artist: John Payne  Location: Mountain Street, side of Lauray’s The Diamond Center.

Title: Verna’s Dream  Artist: Pepe Gaka  Location: 320 Central Avenue, next to the Water’s Hotel.

Title: Quapaw  Artist: Pepe Gaka  Location: 424 Central Avenue, in front of the parking deck.

Title: Emergent Mural  Artist: Sike Style  Location: Emergent Arts, 341 Whittington Avenue.

Title: Tom Moore Cigar  Artist: Unknown  Location: 126 Central Avenue, next to Mountain Valley Water.

Title: Moonlight Stroll  Artist: Pepe Gaka  Location: 833 Central Avenue, side of Core Brewing.

Title: Playing Cards  Artist: Eyecon Studios  Location: 204 Malvern Avenue, across from Bridge Street.

Title: Hot Springs Alligator Farm  Artist: America Carillo  Location: Hot Springs Alligator Farm, 847 Whittington Avenue.

Reprint from: Hot Springs Advertising & Promotion Commission, web site.