Magic Springs & Crystal Falls

Two Parks in One

Magic Springs is the top family destination in Arkansas, with dozens of attractions appealing to every member of your family. Nestled at the foothills of the scenic Ouachita Mountains, the beauty of our Magic Springs park is matched only by the thrill of its adrenaline-jolting signature coasters – X-Coaster and The Gauntlet. Other high-flying rides include Dr. Deans Rocket Machine, a free-fall not for the faint of heart and Plummet Summit, the cool-down plunge everyone loves! This is just some of the rides. Arkansas Twister Magic Springs’ premier wooden coaster experience! The Twister is newly re-tracked and ready to take you on a wild 50 mph adventure over 3,300 thrilling feet of track featuring a 92-foot drop to get your heart racing to the finish. To experience Magic Springs, you must experience the Arkansas Twister! The Gauntlet Are you up to the challenge? It takes nerves of steel to endure this eight-story drop into a whirling dervish of inverted loops and mind-blowing bends. You’ll travel more than 2,200 feet of steel coaster insanity all while suspended under the coaster’s tracks at speeds up to 50 mph. Feet dangling, adrenaline pumping, hearts thumping…this is the very definition of a thrill ride. Plummet Summit Load a raft with your best buds and hit the river – that is if you don’t mind a tidal wave! The best way to a quick cool-down in the Arkansas heat is a 50-foot drop on Plummet Summit. The chills and spills from this one will hang around long after you’ve taken the plunge. On your way out, be sure to stop on the bridge for a fresh soaking from the next rafters headed down the river! Big Bad John Hang on! You’re on a runaway mine train! Big Bad John is ready to take you on a twisty-turvy journey through the Arkansas wilderness, then bring you home to a screeching tunnel finale. This wood coaster delivers a ride you won’t forget – it’s a family favorite! Dr. Dean’s Rocket Machine 3-2-1… Blast off! Dr. Dean is ready to deliver a thrill unlike any you’ve known on his rocket machine. Shoot toward the sky, then free-fall back to earth screaming with delight. Dr. Dean’s Rocket Machine is out of this world fun! High Sierra Slide Tower Climb to the top and get ready for the ride of your life! Choose from four slides each with its’ own twists and turns. Seven Falls Seven Falls includes three speed slides, four tube slides and a play pool. More than 10,000 square feet of refreshing family fun! Crystal Falls Wave Pool 350,000 gallons of fun! Our wave pool produces all sizes of waves for everyone to enjoy.


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Magic Springs & Crystal Falls

Magic Springs is the top family destination in Arkansas, with dozens of attractions appealing to every member of your family.

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